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Brick Slips Variation Index

All real clay brick slips feature a variation of colour, tone and texture. These variations are what make them unique and form part of the character of the product.

To help categorise these variations all products are labelled according to our Variation chart and given a variation code.

Variation Chart

V1 - UNIFORM APPEARANCE – Differences among the brick slips from the same production run are minimal and have little variation. These brick slips are perfect for creating block colour surfaces and sleek modern looks.

V2 - SLIGHT VARIATION – Brick slips exhibit clearly distinguishable textures and/or patterns within the brick type. Colours vary slightly within the range offering subtle shading effects that allow for balanced and consistent installations.

V3 - MODERATE VARIATION – Brick slips can differ in texture and colour but still retain the overall look of the product. Products exhibit noticeable degrees of colour variation and unique patina that help to inject character whilst retaining the identity of the product.

V4 - SUBSTANTIAL VARIATION –Distinctive and unique these brick slips look great on large areas where the variation an colour an shading can be fully appreciated.

Brick Slips Texture Index 

Always remember – Batch Differences.

Whilst all of our real clay brick products are subject to variation, our variation index is only for use on products taken from the same production batch.

All of our products are produced from real handmade and reclaimed bricks. Bricks are produced in batches, and these may differ slightly due to small changes in clays and minerals that are used in the production process.

So if you compare the same brick slip from two different production runs, or batches, there’s a chance they might be slightly different.

Sometimes, differences go unnoticed especially if the products are categorised V3 or V4 as those products already exhibit natural differences. However, with V1 or V2 tiles slight changes could create differences that are noticeable to the eye and ultimately stand out.

For this reason we always advise that enough brick slips are ordered to complete the full installation that way any batch differences can be avoided

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