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GDPR Policy for

The following outlines the General Data Protection Regulation Policy for which is a brand name of Kayser UK Limited – Company Number : 04431835 (Compliance From 5/1/2018).

- Overview
- Data storage
- Membership
- Data Rights
- Additional Contact information

Overarching principle is that:-

  • All data collected and/or stored by is done so for the sole purposes of’s business and an individual’s relationship with & Kayser UK Limited. This will include, but is not limited to, membership communication, internal marketing of events, notification of publications, educational quality standards, CPD. Individual’s personal data will not be shared with a third party outside of or Kayser UK Limited without prior written consent.
  • No member of staff or shareholder will share any personal data with a third party without the prior consent of the individual. This includes, but is not limited to Name, address, email address and phone details.
  • All’s Staff will sign to consent form for their business email address, phone number and associated business contact details to be circulated for the sole purposes of’s business.
  • All’s Trustees must agree to allow Kayser UK Limited Staff to freely use their business contact details but do not agree that they are circulated to external third parties without prior consent on a case by case basis, Trustees to avoid using their own personal details for business correspondence.
  •’s Division Chairs, Committee members and Assessors must agree to allow’s Staff to freely use their business contact details for the sole purposes of’s business but do not agree that they are circulated to external third parties without prior consent on a case by case basis.

Data Storage

  • From May 2018’s will not retain any paper files of personal data, except for order processing of financial transactional data.
  •’s will carry out a full IT security audit each quarter in collaboration with ASE their specialist IT support contractor
    • Where financial transactional data is retained onsite it will be stored in a locked filing cabinet inside a locked room where access is restricted to the CEO, PA to the CEO and the financial administrator. The data is treated as confidential and is only shared with authorized personal.  Authorised personnel include,’s treasurer, the finance committee members, financial administrator and accountant.
    • Financial transactional data from previous financial years will be held off site in a secure locked building for 7 years within a secured locked room which only Kayser UK Limited staff have access to.
    • After their expiry any paper records will be destroyed by a registered company authorized to dispose of confidential waste at least once per quarter.
    • Financial information for online payments are not held by’s and are all managed by Stripe,’s hold none of this payment information.
    • When processing financial information by telephone staff taking the call must not write down or record any of the information given to them except in the designated boxes in the WorldPay payment terminal. They must not repeat back any card details and if they require clarification they will ask the caller to repeat the details.  The transaction should not be processed on speaker phone
  •’s electronic membership database, “CRM” is hosted and maintained by Kayser UK Limited.
    • No PC or workstation shall be left unmanned without a suitable password protected screen saver. All PCs and workstations should be closed or shutdown and password protected overnight.
    • All Staff should use only their own login to access PCs and membership databases and not share their login details with others.
  • In order to show compliance to the General Data Protection Regulations all staff will carry out a one hour online training program and sign to agree that they understand the implications. (Signing log attached), they will also sign this policy to show they have read and understand their responsibility to personal data.
  • From May 2018 the CEO, PA to the CEO and the membership administrator will meet quarterly to conduct a GDPR audit to ensure full compliance, audit log attached.
  • All staff have signed as part of their contract of employment a confidentiality clause.


  • On Data Input to our website(s) each members must be told that the Kayser UK Limited will not under any circumstances use their data for any other purpose than for processing and marketing of Kayser UK Limited and membership deliverables. The data will not be circulated to third parties outside of Kayser UK Limited unless members they give their prior written consent to do so.

Data Rights

  • The data held by Kayser UK Limited can only be as accurate as the information supplied to’s. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure their data is accurate.
  • Once an individual’s relationship with Kayser UK Limited has become inactive their personal data will be retained electronically for 6 years before deletion.
  • An individual may at any time request the removal of their personal data by contacting or logging into their account and accessing the data removal process from within their account. It should be noted that the removal of all personal data (including email contact details) will result in & Kayser UK Limited no longer being able to carry out the processing of the companies user details and membership deliverables.
  • An individual may at any time raise a concern by contacting For further details on your rights visit

Additional contact information
If you have any further concerns or queries please use the below information to contact us regarding your concern.

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